This is how to get into your dream company

If you want to get into your company, the most effective way is to build relationships through networking.

I worked with a friend that wanted to get into big tech and this was the strategy:

  • Develop a list of up to 5 companies that he wanted to work at.
  • Created a networking strategy blueprint for 1 of these companies such who to reach out to at these companies, how to personalize your outreach messages, what types of questions to ask once you get them on the call for an informational interview to build rapport.

Once we developed the strategy and foundation for 1 company he can replicate it for the other target companies he want to work at.

He generated a conversation at one tech company and he getting responses to his linkedin messages from recruiters at the other top tech companies she wants to work at, which will eventually lead to deeper conversations down the road.

However, networking is a lot of work and results won't happen overnight.

You have to reach out to a ton of people to get a few quality conversations going to get yourself in the door but it will be worth it.

If you take care of the work, the work will take care of you.

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