I’m Samuel Bartels, software developer and technical writer.

I started this website as a place to document everything I learned while going through a career change. I learn in public and write about everything I know.

I aim to create a beautiful corner of the web free of ads, sponsored posts, newsletter pop-ups, affiliate links, and the rest of the annoying noise we're so accustomed to seeing on the internet these days.


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Sometimes I sing and play accordion/piano. I like to listen to music in my spare time. Here are some.

Technical Skills


JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, PHP, Bash, Java(Springboot), Scala, Python, Golang, Ruby


React, Vue, Node, Express, Git, VSC, Jest, Selenium, Webpack, DevTools, Jira, AWS, Bootstrap, Sass, GraphQL, Django, Angular


RESTful API Design, CI/CD, Agile Methodology, MVC Architecture, Secure Authentication, ADA, Testing (unit, integration, end-to-end) Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL), TDD


A few sites I designed.

Currently Using