Interview tips for job seekers

Here are some of the CV donts, dear millennials, #CVdonts

We’ve been looking for interns for a while and receiving various Cvs. I realize some of the millennials are messing up with their cv #CvDonts.

Don’t put a sexy pic in your CV. Let your skills speak for you #CvDonts #JobSeekers

Don’t scan your CV, sometimes it comes up cut, unclear #Cvdonts #JobSeekers

Don’t just send an attachment with no background in the body of the email. Add 2 or 3 paragraphs in your email that highlight relevant qualifications and skills #Cvdonts #JobSeekers

Expand more on your skills... daily tasks etc. eg. If you are a Journo, don’t just note, 5 years at company x, include daily duties such as photography, proofreading, blogging, managing social Med and website which may give you an advantage #Cvdonts #JobSeekers

Always remember the person looking at your Cv might be dealing with 100s of them. You have a few secs to capture the attention. Sell yourself well in the email intro #JobSeekers

A Cv with poor grammar and spelling problems presents you negatively. Always clean your CV up. #Jobseekers

Always volunteer to work for free in the area of your interest or qualification. Do not just sit at home with your qualifications #Jobseekers

Make sure your social media presence is clear of posts on gender bias, racism, politics, that could present you negatively. Recruiters will always do a background check on your social media acts. #Jobseekers

Be careful of your social Med posts as a job seeker. Eg. Men are dogs 🐕 or women are trash 🗑 or I hated my boss may present you negatively to a potential employers #Jobseekers

Once again, don’t scan your CV. #JobSeekers

Avoid making unsubstantiated claims like a hard worker, dedicated, smart etc. That does not distinguish you at all. Go straight to why we should hire you. Perhaps say I’m a hard worker: eg, I finished my degree in record time, I study and work at the same time #JobSeekers

A good Cv does not mean anything if on your social media you present yourself otherwise. It always helps to not appear a drunkard, reckless, on your social Media if you are job hunting #Jobseekers I repeat this point: always volunteer whilst a student in your field of study or otherwise to gain some experience. It goes a long way. #JobSeekers

If you are studying PR/Communications, Media... try acquire skills in writing, social media management and website management. This will give you an advantage. Most recruiters bundle these roles into one position. #JobSeekers

Every work related achievement must go on to the Cv, not on social media, lol. #JobSeekers

If you do get an interview : don’t answer the question how much would you like to earn with a figure. Rather say I would welcome a market related offer or give a fair annual bracket market related #JobSeekers

If an interviewers says tell us about yourself is no chance for you to dwell on names and how many kids you got or where you come from. Go straight to selling yourself. What are your relevant qualifications to the post, skills that distinguish you. Sell sell sell. #JobSeekers

Never talk badly about your former boss or company. Rather say reason for leaving was coz you were looking for a change in career direction etc #JobSeekers

If you do get an interview and you are asked “ why should we hire you” don’t say ... I’m a hard worker, dedicated, etc. those are unsubstantiated claims. Rather give examples proving hard work. Eg, I completed a 6 months project in 3 months etc #JobSeekers

If you are asked in an interview what are your weaknesses, this is no chance for you to list the negative habits about yourself. Rather turn a weakness into a strength, eg, I’m a perfectionist. This, I work a lot harder to get things, even simple things done #JobSeekers

Dress for your next job #JobSeekers

Interviewqs: “tell us about yourself”? Don’t give your personal or employment history. Instead give a compelling pitch that shows why you’re fit for the job. Start with 2-3 relevant experiences then wrap up talking about how that prior experience has positioned you for this role.

Interviewqs: where do you see yourself in 5 years? A wrong answer to this question will cost you the job immediately. Wrong answer: I want to travel the world or own my biz etc. Rather say how u want to create impact within company’s bottom line in the current role #Countryduty

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