Deploy app to elastic beanstalk

There are so much information out there on cloud computing and how to deploy app to aws elastic beanstalk, however, there is very little in terms of how you can get started with your first step.

I've seen many students and professionals struggling and being overwhelmed when they're beginning to pursue their data cloud computing career.

In this article, we will cover, how to deploy a web application to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk.


  • AWS Account
  • DOWNLOAD THIS: WAR file containing the web application code


  1. Access Elastic Beanstalk service from AWS Management Console

    • On the AWS Management Console page type elastic beanstalk in the Find Service box and then select elastic beanstalk.



    • If this is your first time accessing Elastic Beanstalk, click the Get started button.


    • Enter an Application name.
    • Under Platform, click the dropdown for Choose a platform. Select Tomcat.
    • Under Application code, select Upload your code. Click the Upload button.
    • Under Upload your code, make sure Local file is selected for Source code origin.
    • Click Choose File and upload the downloaded WAR file (link above in pre-requisites), sam.war.
    • Click the Upload button.


    • Click the Create application button. Important: It will take about 10 minutes for your application to be created. There are several resources that need to be spun up to support your application. Your application is created once you see a green check mark and the Health of your application is Ok.


    • After the application is created, copy the application’s URL. Important: The URL can be found on the top of the page, to the right of your application’s name.
  2. Test the deployed web application in a browser

    • Navigate to a web browser like Chrome or Safari.
    • Paste the application URL and append /message on the end of the URL.
    • Upon successfully accessing that URL, you will see the text Hello World in your browser window.


  3. Inspect the EC2 instance created for you

    • Navigate to the EC2 console and inspect the instance that was created for you. The instance has the same name as your application. You can administer and manage this EC2 as if you created it yourself.


    • Cleanup and delete resources
    • To clean up the resources to avoid recurring charges, navigate back to the Elastic Beankstalk console.


    • Select your application.


    • Select the Actions button in the upper-right hand corner.


    • Select Terminate environment.


    • Enter the name of the environment to be deleted.


    • Click the Terminate button.
    • After the application is terminated, you will be brought to the main page for the application.
    • Click on the Actions button in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Select Delete application.
    • Enter the name of your application.
    • Click the Delete button.

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