Be stupid to succeed

The title of this article may be surprising or even ridiculous, but I recommend that you do not rush to judge the issue before you understand the intended well.

Simolaev , for those who do not know him, is a Moroccan youth who entered the field of work on the Internet for more than 10 years, thus becoming one of the first young Moroccans to see on the Internet something other than MSN Messenger and its sisters; from chat and dating sites and sites.

This young man started selling traditional Moroccan carpets on the eBay website, and the revenues he earned from this trade went to one of his relatives in France before the latter transferred it to its owner in Morocco via Western Union, and the reason is known, and that is, the means of payment that was provided by eBay, none of them were supported In Morocco.

After a short period, this commercial activity stopped due to special circumstances that Muhammad Baabit (the real name of Simolife) went through, but this short period was sufficient to convince the young man that work and profit from the Internet is a real fact and not just a myth or a lie as most people in Morocco believed at the time.

Simulayev then went deeper into what is known as profit methods from the Internet, and he learned by himself how to be a successful online marketer until he became one of the most famous Arab marketers on the Internet, and he managed to make profits worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from Click Bank alone.

A few years ago, Simulayev chose to settle in Thailand, but he did not sever his ties with Morocco and young Moroccans, as he remained in near-regular contact with them on various social media. His reputation among the Moroccan internet pioneers has grown to set an example for many of them thanks to the advice and directions as well as the stimulus doses he provides to them in his videos spread on YouTube.

One day, I went inside to watch one of these videos on YouTube, and I didn't know then that this view would change my way of thinking a lot.

In that video, Simulayev said that he believed with certainty that idiots usually succeed more than smart people, for one reason is that most of the successful people were ready to repeat the same tasks daily without being tired or bored until they reach the results and goals they set at the beginning. This repetition and continuing to do the same thing and focus on it is not usually done by people who count themselves as smart, because they are always looking for shortcuts to achieve their goals, while the few who are successful fully realize that success is not an easy issue and only comes with work, hard work and patience.

In fact, this idea or theory was not invented by Simulayev and not by him. Einstein said it decades ago when he denied himself the quality of supernatural intelligence and attributed his success and innovations to his permanent and continuous attempts to solve the problems facing him.

Almost all geniuses and successful people have experienced persistence and perseverance, it is said that Thomas Edison made more than 1,000 failed attempts to make a light bulb before finally succeeding in his goal. There is an English wisdom tha says repetition is the mother of learning , so imagine with me if you intend to succeed as a blogger and start posting a blog every day or two, after a year you will have published at least 200 posts, and after two years you will reach 400 posts. Is not this large number of posts a guarantor By making your blog known and successful whatever the field in which you write?

The problem facing most of those who did not succeed is the rush to profit and expecting to harvest the fruits after the first or second attempt, this is nonsense! They count themselves smart, so they leave to find an easier way to make money. There is no easy way to earn money! There is only work, fatigue, patience and results will come next.

Real intelligence is not the search for easy and short ways to achieve big goals, but intelligence is to draw goals and develop a realistic plan of action and perseverance on them without fatigue or boredom, even if this will make you appear in front of others stupid

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